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Eastablished in 1919 and became the first specialised agency of the un in 1946.It is composed of :(1) International labourconference; (2) The Governing body;and(3) the international labour office. It has177members.Headquarters--GENEVA. Functions:(1) to Adopt international conventions for Welfare of the labour; (2) to watch the progress of there implementation:(3) to undertake etensive research work and advisory activities in the field of labour welfare; and (4) to extend technical assistance to Goverments.
2.FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANISATION (FAO): FAO was founded at a conference in Quebec city on October 16,1945, adate observed annually as World Food Day.Its members are 187 countries.Headquarters--ROMEFunctions: (1) To continuously review food and agriculture position of the world; (2) to undertake research with a viewto device new techniques and methods to improve the production of food;(3)to eradicateanimal diseases and to control pests.
3.INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANISATION (ICAO) :Established in 1947 and headquarters are at montreal. Its assembly composed of delegates from 185 member countries.It assistes international civil aviation by encouraging:(1) use of safety measures;(2) uniform regulations for operation; and(3) simpler procedures at borders of two countries.
4.UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION (UPU):Established in 1875, posssses 190 member countries Headquarter--BERNE.Functions : To ensure smooth organisation and perfection of the various postal services and to promote the development of international coperation in the field of postal communications.
5.INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF):Established in 1945, possesses 184 member countries and the headquarters are at washington.Functions : (1) To stabilize international exchange;(2) to remove artificial barriers hindering international trade;(3) provide short-term foreign exchange assistance to member-States.
6.INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT (IBRD)-THE WORLD BANK: It began operation in june 1946. It has 184members and headquarters at washington. Function : Its purpose is to provide funds,policy guidance and technical assistance to facilitate economic development in its poorer member countries.
7.INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION(IDA):Established in 1960 and administrated by hte IBRD to provide assistance on concessional terms to the poorest developing countries,officers and staff of the IBRD serve concurrently as officers and staff of the IDA at the world bank headquarters.It has 143 members.
8.INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION (IFC):Established in july 1956. It has 177 members and headquarters ar washington. Functions :It helps to finance new ventures and assist established enterprises to expand,improve or diversify and provides a vereity of advisory services to public and private sector.
9.WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION (WTO):It is the third pillar of the world's economic system along with IMF and world bank,with powers to settle disputes between nations and widen the principle of free trade to sectors such as Services and Agriculture.It has 150 members.It came into existence on January 1,1995.
10.UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL,SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANISATION (UNESCO):It came into existance in nov.1946,possesses 190 member countries and the head quarters at paris. Functions: It encourges universal respect for justice, rule of law, fundamental freedom and human rights.
11.WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO):It came into existance in 7 April 1948, possesses 192 members.Headquarters--GENEVA. Functions:Its purpose is to raise health standerd,eradicate epidemical diseases.
12.THE UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN'S EMERGENCY FUND (UNICEF):Established in 1946,it originally sent postwar relief to children.Now it works for the improvement the quality of life for children and mothers in developing countries. Headquarter-- New york. 13.INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION UNION (ITU):It became a specialised agency of UNOin 1947. It has 189 member countries Headquarter--Geneva. Function : To improve the efficiency of telecommunication service and their availibility to the public.
14.INTERNATIONAL MARITIME CONSULTING ORGANISATION (IMCO): IMCO established in 1958. It provides the machinery to governments to coperate in formulating regulations and practices relating to technical matters affecting international shipping. IMCO has 157 members countries.Headquarter --London
15.WORLD METEOROLOGICAL ORGANISATION (WMO): It established in 1947. It developes weather forcasting services,including seasonal forecasting,and through international collaboration contributes to tracking of global weather conditions.Headquarter--GENEVA.
16.INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA): Established in 1957, IAEA accelerates the peaceful uses of nuclear energy,and as the international inspectorate for the application of nuclear safeguardsand verification measures covering civilian nuclear programmes.It has 138 member states.Headquarter--VIENNA.
17.UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION (UNIDO): Established in 1966, it helps to improve the living conditions of people and promote globel prosperity and industrial development.It has 171 member state.Headquarter--VIENNA.
18.INTERNATIONAL FUND FOR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT (IFAD): Established in nov.1977,it mobilizes resources for improved food production and better nutrition among the poor in developing countries, focusing on the needs of the poorest developing countries. This body has 163 member countries. Headquarter--ROME.
19.WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANISATION (WIPO): It became a UN specialized agency in 1970. It has 182 members states.Headquarter--GENEVA. Functions : to promote the protection of intellectual property throughtout the world, and to ensure administrative co-operation among the intellectual property.

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